Educational resources for a successful Cardiac PET practice

The decision to start a Cardiac PET program may be considered a daunting task for some facilities given the many considerations and decisions associated with moving forward. To make this process more manageable, IONETIX is offering a webinar series, Considerations for Starting and Implementing a Successful Cardiac PET Program, to serve as a guide for getting started and being successful.

This webinar series has been developed to provide a review of all aspects and considerations, both technical and administrative, for starting and implementing a successful Cardiac PET program.

The series will begin with an overview of the clinical advantages of Cardiac PET compared to other modalities, technical consideration including radiopharmaceutical, imaging protocols and camera optimization, application of myocardial blood flow and administrative considerations including reimbursement, marketing, and training for physicians and technologists. Register for the upcoming webinar below, or view the webinar playback links for each session to see previous webinars.

Cardiac PET Education Series Webinars

Cardiac PET Education Part 1
Cardiac PET Education Part 2
Cardiac PET Education Part 3
Cardiac PET Education Part 4
Cardiac PET Webinar Series 6

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More Educational Webinars

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